In the face of pressure, we should take a proactive approach


Learn to let go. Even if you just put down a little bit! Know that you can’t control everything in the business. Life is always stressful. Eliminate stressors that students can control, and learn to deal with uncontrollable stressors, which can reduce overall stress.

Take a look at your diary and review all sources of stress beyond your control, including traffic,減壓食物 bosses and colleagues, economic fluctuations, etc. This may help you.

It is not easy to realize that you can’t control everything, but as long as you succeed in doing this, you can increase your self-confidence and give you a sense of autonomy. For example, in this process, you will find that you can only manage your thoughts and behaviors through control.琵琶豆腐 You can’t control what your boss thinks about you or what your in-laws say, but you can control how you react and respond to them. You will learn to appreciate yourself and your abilities.


Look at a situation that makes you feel powerful. If they run away or push to suppress the source of force, why not face them directly? Although you may not be able to eliminate all sources of stress on your own, you may be able to ease the situation slightly. Of course, the most important thing is to prevent the situation from getting worse, so as not to have more negative effects on your physical and mental health.

Eliminate work pressure. If you feel that you are overworked or not getting the attention you deserve, you might as well talk to your boss calmly and rationally. If you feel that you are over-committed to work, try to reduce your daily working hours by half an hour, such as reducing distractions or unnecessary breaks in the work process. The solution you use is best to reduce a certain source of stress without adding new stress. Learn how to express your needs firmly and confidently in order to get the attention of others.

Eliminate the power of interpersonal relationships. If it’s a relationship with a partner, family, or friend, it’s better to talk to him instead of waiting to see what happens next. Talk to the party about the impact of this relationship on you, and you can solve the problem as soon as possible.

Solve the “little things” you need to do. Sometimes, the unfinished small things in life continue to accumulate, increasing our daily pressure. If you find yourself worrying about trivial things, address them directly. List the small things that need to be done, such as changing the oil or meeting with the dentist, and see how much you can accomplish in a month. Making a list is very encouraging. Every time you delete an item, you can see that the list gets shorter and shorter.


Keep your life organized. Making arrangements in advance, planning and preparation can reduce stress. The first important step is to prepare a timetable listing all appointments, meetings, and planned events, such as yoga classes or class trips. This can help you figure out what your life will be like every week and every month. You can better judge what you need to do and how to plan them.Make a short-term plan. If the upcoming trip makes you feel stressful, try to work out all the details as early as possible without leaving any unknown factors. Knowing what is going to happen will give you a sense of control and help you better deal with any unforeseen situations. Organize the space you are in. Organize the living and working space to make life more organized and easier to manage. You need to spend time and effort to clean up, but the benefits are definitely greater than what you pay. Dispose of things you no longer use or need, such as old clothes, electronics, or small appliances. Rearrange the space and try to be as practical as possible. The living space should be kept tidy. Spend 10 to 15 minutes every night throwing away what you don’t need and putting everything back in place. A clean and tidy space helps to keep your thinking clear.


Control your obligations. Although many obligations are beyond your control, there are still many things under your control. people often don’t know how to refuse, which leads to many things they need to do. Most of these things do not bring happiness, cause unnecessary anxiety, or take up a lot of time and energy, preventing you from fulfilling more important obligations. Many people are under great pressure because they have taken on too many obligations and have not enough time to pursue their hobbies or get along with their loved ones. Set aside time for yourself. This is especially important for parents, so give yourself some time and put your children, community, and church aside. Whether it’s hiking, hot water, or meeting friends, in short, be sure to put all the trivial matters aside. Distinguish “should” and “must” things to do. For example, timely filing of taxes is a “must” thing to do. Obviously I don’t have time, but I think I “should” make delicious and exquisite snacks for my child’s preschool, otherwise I feel guilty and unnecessary. If a simple “497″ strip with garden salad dressing can make children happy, why do you have to make it so complicated by yourself? Think about what “must” do, and prioritize them on “should” Or before something ideally “will” do. Learn to refuse.If a friend always holds parties and invites many people to participate, which makes you very anxious, then you can skip the next party. It’s okay to refuse once in a while, sometimes you have to refuse. Understand and stick to your limits. Bearing more than you can afford will definitely put you under a lot of pressure. List the things not to do. Sometimes you are too focused on the to-do list, and you always feel that you have something to do every day. List the things you can’t do. If you have to work overtime on Thursday, don’t force yourself to rush home that night to cook dinner. You must clean the garage for your parents on weekends. You know that you will be tired and sweaty after you clear the garage, so don’t agree to go skateboarding with your friends that day. Let’s go again next week. An important exam is coming soon. In other words, you can only stay in the gym for half an hour, not two hours.


Solve the problem. Rather than thinking about “this and that one is really stressful for me”, think about what you can do to ease this problem. Don’t worry about the problem itself, but think about what you can do to regain control of your life. For example, you know that traffic jams put a lot of pressure on you, because traffic jams are heavy and time-consuming. Ask yourself how your company can change the experience of traffic jams. Come up with some solutions, such as voice or sound, fight with colleagues, and then follow the line. Evaluate these solutions systematically to see which is best for you. Treating the source of force as a problem also means that they can be solved, just like a problem or a mathematical problem.



Reducing stress requires relaxing the body

Reducing stress requires relaxation